This Dog Posed for Adorable Maternity and Newborn Photos



Brazilian portrait photographer Ana Paula Grillo recently shot heartwarming maternity and newborn photo shoots… for a dog named Lilica.


Grillo first photographed a viral series of maternity portraits showing Lilica on the brink of becoming a mother.










A day after the 20 minute photo shoot, Lilica gave birth to 5 beautiful puppies – 4 boys and 1 girl. Grillo then returned for a newborn photo shoot with the happy family.


















You can find more of Grillo’s work on her Facebook page.


Image credits: Photographs by Ana Paula Grillo/Anna Fotografia and used with permission




How to Attach a Camera Strap with No Loose Ends Flapping Around


Most camera straps have a small loop that holds the extra flappy end in place so it doesn’t dangle loosely. If you want to tuck the end of the strap away even more, the 2-minute video above demonstrates a simple way to do so.


The demo is by Warrick of Fujifilm Australia and was just published by ShotKit. Instead of using the buckle to hold the strap tight and the loop to hold the loose end, you can use the buckle for both purposes. Simply reverse the order of the loop and buckle, and tuck the loose end of the strap through the buckle.


This simple trick makes adjusting the length of your strap a bit harder, but if that’s not something you find yourself doing often, this is a nice way to make your camera strap both neat and secure.


(via ShotKit via DIYP)



Shadow of Mordor 2 “revealed” by mo-cap actor’s CV

Middle-Earth:Shadow of Mordor: Power of Defiance


The orc-bothering Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor was one of the big hits of 2014, and so the fact that a sequel might be in development may not come as a planet-shattering surprise. And the appearance of a Shadow of Mordor 2 “Stunts/Acting” credit on iStunt, discovered by Nerdleaks, is by no means an official announcement that a new game in the series-“More-dor,” you might say-is being made. But it’s a pretty good sign.



IStunt is similar to IMDB, but dedicated to stunt coordinators, they being the people who do the things in movies that actors either can’t, won’t, or aren’t allowed to handle themselves. Entries list physical traits, from basic stuff like height, weight, and physique, to more profession-specific details, like who the person can double for and what “unique traits” they have. (Michael Stone, for instance, can remove his front teeth.) And naturally, they also list past work, which in the case of Lauren Mary Kim includes motion capture work for Blur on Shadows of Mordor 2.



Blur would presumably be Blur Studio, a CGI studio with numerous movie and videogame credits including The Division, The Elder Scrolls Online, Dishonored 2, and the fantastic Prey 2 cinematic that made its cancellation such a letdown. It’s the kind of outfit a publisher might hire to whip up a cinematic trailer-a trailer of the sort that WB rolled out at E3 in 2014, for instance.



Kim has since made her iStunt profile private, but Nerdleaks has a screen capture, and a video of her mo-cap work from 2015 is embedded below. Shadow of Mordor studio Monolith, meanwhile, continues to work on an “unannounced project.” Make of it what you will.



Thanks, GamesRadar.


Clairy – The Most Amazing Natural Air Purifier

clairymainThis is a beautiful product combining nature,technology and design in an incredible product. Clairy is a natural air purifier, a smart flowerpot that amplifies the bio filtering properties of plants in eliminating toxic agents in the air. It is also very technologic, you can connect it via Wi-Fi to a smartphone and thanks to the corresponding mobile app, you can get real time pollution analysis of your indoor space. Clairy will also be the best design object you will ever have,… Continue Reading

Slain! releases this week, so here’s a launch trailer

Slain, the tough as nails action platformer that looks like a Celtic Frost record in motion, is releasing on March 24. To celebrate, Wolf Brew Games has released the above launch trailer, which does a pretty good job of summarising what the game is about: killing ugly supernatural phenomena, jumping between jagged hellscape precipices, and dying regularly in a burst of unrealistically abundant red chunks. 

It arrives a little late, due to some last minute adjustments to the game’s difficulty. While the game is designed to be hard, Wolf Brew Games admitted earlier this year that they’d made it too hard, and that they needed an extra few months to pare it back a bit. Seems reasonable.

Anyway, here’s some Celtic Frost. You’ll thank me!

Could Pheromone Cologne Improve Your Dating

Why do some mens have awesome luck with ladies whilst the rest us just fail?  Is it their looks?  No  Half the time they are as hideous as hell.  It’s not even their persona and very occasionally is it their money.  A lot of the time these men are total tools but nature endowed them with more pheromones than you and me.


Pheromones are the invisible chemical messengers that the two sexes give off that subconsciously transmit information about our suitability as a mate.  If you have a lot of pheromones they send a message out to females that you are an ideal sexual match for her.  As a result sexual attraction is created without the need for looks, money or much of a personality. 


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The great news for guys like you and me is that science has been able to synthetically make these same pheromones.  You can now buy pheromone colognes.  It’s literally spray on sexual attraction.


The bad news is that not all pheromone colognes are equal and there are so many to select from.  There are many different varieties of pheromones and a great pheromone cologne needs to contain the correct blend of the right pheromones at just the right concentration.


If you are new to pheromones then you probably won’t know what to happen when wearing them.  To begin with, don’t expect women to be literally hurling themselves at you.  What tends to happen is rather more subtle but very obvious.  You can expect to receive more eye contact from females and flirtatious behavior from them.  Women will just tend to find you more alluring and will stick around you for longer.


Male pheromones can open doors for you with women and that can increase your confidence meaning you are less likely to come across as being a wuss.  Just don’t let pheromones make an promises that you can’t give.  If you are a bore, girls will still suss that out, but it will take her a little bit longer.


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