Nunulo – The First VR Device with Adjustable Lenses

Nunulo 01The Nunulo VR solves the problem of motion sickness and eye strain that is common among the first generation of virtual reality headsets. The cardboard frame houses two precision-engineered lenses that users can adjust to accommodate their unique visual parameters. Even users who wear glasses can see images in clear focus without them. The Nunulo VR’s breakthrough is its “imbalanced” adjustable lenses. Users can move the lenses from side to side to fit the distance between their pupils, and then… Continue Reading

Piccadilly Leather Day Pack by Brooks

Turn your commute into something stylish with the Piccadilly Leather Day Pack by Brooks. Designed with the highest quality materials, the silhouette of this backpack provide a timeless sophistication that will elevate any and every style. Working with the same vegetable-tanned leather used for the Brooks saddle range, the Piccadilly Day Pack has a unique and polished finish that will only enhance in appearance over time. Equipped with two shoulder straps with a cross-chest connector and a top handle, the… Continue Reading

SPYNDI Transformational Furniture

SPYNDI Transformational Furniture 01Design and develop the décor in your home or office using the SPYNDI Transformation Furniture. With a set of over 70 pieces, you can attach these wooden shapes to become whatever structure you need. SPYNDI was inspired by the human spine to be both flexible and strong. Made with stunning wood, the endless possibilities of combinations mean you have endless furniture available. Each wooden piece of SPYNDI easily slides into place on the piece before it. Each has an assigned… Continue Reading

The CASE Remote Air is the World’s Smallest Wireless Camera Controller



Controlling your DSLR from your smartphone or tablet has never been … smaller. Meet the CASE Remote Air, the self-proclaimed “world’s smallest and most powerful smart camera controller.”


If the CASE Remote Air sounds familiar, you’re probably thinking of the original CASE Remote. That wireless camera controller was released back in 2014 by the same Chinese company, CheeringTech, and now they’re back with a newer, smaller version.


Check out this (painfully awkward) video to see what the CASE Remote Air is all about:


Like its predecessor, the CASE Remote Air connects to your camera through a USB cable and creates a WiFi hotspot that you can connect to using your PC, Mac, or the CASE iOS or Android app. Once connected you can take advantage of live view, change your exposure parameters, control video, and even do specialized tasks like bracketing for HRD, time-lapse shooting, and focus-stacking.


What sets the CASE Remote Air apart, if you haven’t guessed yet, is its size. At just 2.4 x 4.6 x 0.4-inches and 50 grams in weight, it’s a tiny, almost credit card-sized accessory with a lot of interesting features and a slew of supported Canon and Nikon cameras.




The CASE Remote Air is currently up on Indiegogo, where it’s already reached 660% funding with 22 days still left to go. Find out more or pick one up for yourself for $84 (plus shipping) by clicking here.



Auto-Follow Suitcase Makes Your Travel Easier – COWAROBOT R1

Travel without worrying about handling the weight of your suitcase with COWAROBOT R1. This is a robotic suitcase that incorporates robotic technology on its smart suitcase shell. As a result, it can follow tracks autonomously, thus making the process of traveling with a suitcase smooth and hassle-free. It will simply roll-on with you and make you enjoy a hands-free mode of traveling all along the way. The 20-inch design uses the power of multi-sensor fusion technology and robot motion control… Continue Reading

Congo Camera Strap by Tail Wag

Congo Camera Strap by Tail Wag 01Keep your camera exactly where you need it with the Congo Camera Strap by Tail Wag. Providing a comfortable fit around your neck, this fun camera strap is complete with fun and vibrantly printed fabric. The Congo Camera Strap features extra durable and secure stitching throughout. The lively print of multi-colored and tessellated triangles includes pink, shades of blue, black, and tan and matches the dog collar also made by Tail Wag. Measuring 2.5 cm (1 inch) wide, the Congo… Continue Reading