ZipLocker- Seal Zip Loc Bags Easily And Quickly!

ZipLocker – The fastest and easiest way to seal Zip Loc bags. “If you have ever had any trouble or hate sealing zipper lock bags, you will love this!” ZipLocker is the newest kitchen tool that will help you seal those troublesome zip lock bags in one gentle sweep. Fitting conveniently in the palm of the hand, the hockey stick-shaped utensil is ergonomically designed for extreme precision and guarantees the tightest seal every time you use it. The ZipLocker is… Continue Reading

HandL Grip Case for iPhone 6 Plus

HandL Grip Case for iPhone 6 Plus 01Get a grip on your device with the HandL Grip Case for iPhone 6 Plus. Designed to become an extension of your hand, this case enables you to easily to hold your iPhone with just two fingers in a variety of positions while remaining secure. The HandL Grip Case, which comes in a luxurious PILLOW Brown, has a finger brace strap with elastic located on the back. With a finger on each side of the strap, you can successfully and steadily… Continue Reading