This Web Tool Finds Related Instagram Hashtags to Boost Your Reach


Choosing the right hashtags for your Instagram photos can make a big difference in how many eyeballs see your work. If you find yourself constantly struggling to come up with the best relevant hashtags for your photos, there’s a new web tool designed just for you. It’s called Display Purposes.


Created by photographer and developer Fay Montage, Display Purposes is extremely simple to use: simply enter in one or more hashtags that are relevant to your photo, and the site will show you a list of 30 similar hashtags that are often used on Instagram alongside the ones you entered.

What’s more, the results are ordered and weighted by how useful they’ll be to you. Using a graph of hashtag usage across the Web, the weight is determined by a number of factors, including geographic proximity, language, centrality, and more.

Junk hashtags are filtered out of the results, so you won’t see things like #instagood or #photooftheday. Extremely generic hashtags are also filtered out, since your photos don’t really have a chance of being seen when you use overly-popular tags.

Here are some results we got from example hashtag searches:





“I’ve been programming since I was 8 years old in Oslo, Norway, but now 19 years later and with repetitive strain injury causing me trouble, I’ve started transitioning my photography hobby into a vocation,” Fay tells PetaPixel. “Display Purposes is an engineer’s response to the annoyance of having to ‘play the game’ of social media as a working photographer.”

Display Purposes is a completely free, web-based tool. Head on over to the website if you’d like to get started with improving your Instagram hashtags.

P.S. Dehaze is another Instagram hashtag suggestion tool that received quite a bit of publicity this past year.

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Which Lens Filters Are Still Needed for Digital Landscape Photos?

Here’s a helpful 12-minute video by landscape photographer and vlogger Thomas Heaton about lens filters. With the emergence of digital photography and powerful editing software, the benefits of some filters can be recreated digitally while others cannot.

Heaton explains why he still needs polarizing filters but doesn’t need ND filters and graduated ND filters. But just because he doesn’t need them doesn’t mean he doesn’t use them.

Heaton shows how a circular polarizer can transform the look of a waterfall scene.
Heaton shows how a circular polarizer can transform the look of a waterfall scene.

“For me, the love of landscape photography comes from my love of the outdoors. I want to spend as much of my time in the outdoors as possible and not [sitting] in front of a computer,” Heaton says. “It’s the craft – I love the craft of photography. Pulling out an ND filter, dropping it in front of my lens, and seeing an image come to life in front of me and getting instant gratification – that is why I use these filters.”

“I love to create an image, and to create an image in the field there and then while I’m surrounded by the atmosphere, the wind, and the rain,” he continues. “That is where I get the love of photography. […] So I really want to get as much of that done in camera as possible.”