Ep. 122: The Chicago Cubs Win the World Series and Prove Good Photography Matters + more!

Episode 122 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.

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Featured: Ken Sklute, Canon Explorer of Light

In This Episode

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Canon Explorer of Light, Ken Sklute opens the show. Thanks Ken!

The Chicago Cubs win the World Series, but the images on the front page of the Windy City’s two daily newspapers couldn’t be more different. (#)

Macphun Luminar is available for pre-order, and it’s not only powerful, but a lot of fun to use. (#)

5 photographers compete in NYC for $50,000 in prizes on AdoramaTV’s “Top Photographer” with Nigel Barker. (#)

Apple explains why they ditched the SD card slot, but the answer really doesn’t make sense. (#)

Adobe adds universal search to Photoshop and underwhelms. (#)

Four men who walked on the Grand Prismatic Spring face jail time and stiff fines. (#)

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