Loop Minimalist Table Lamp

Loop Minimalist Table LampAdd a layer of sophistication to your interior with the Loop Minimalist Table Lamp. Featuring delightful Finnish design, this lamp has a unique loop shape to disperse light in every direction. The Loop Lamp uses aluminum and opal acrylic to produce a white glow of light. In addition, the LED lights spread the length of the loop in order to push light in any angle. The Loop Lamp, of course, functions as a lamp. However, the design and dance of… Continue Reading

NOWA Shaper Ultra-Thin Hybrid Smartwatch

NOWA Shaper Ultra-Thin Hybrid SmartwatchThe NOWA Shaper Ultra-Thin Hybrid Smartwatch lets you embrace technology without losing the beauty of the past. The NOWA watch is a slim hybrid analog watch for men and woman that perfectly fits your style. But, the NOWA Watch is more than just an elegant classic timepiece with an incredible fashion appeal. It is also engineered for technological excellence. The NOWA Watch seamlessly connects to your smartphone to improve your daily life. It tracks your activity and sleep while automatic… Continue Reading