WESN Micro Blade EDC Pocket Knife

WESN Micro Blade EDC Pocket KnifeAdd some versatility to your toolset with the WESN Micro Blade EDC Pocket Knife. As the name suggests, this small yet mighty knife has an ultra compact design which makes it easy to take anywhere and everywhere. Featuring high-quality titanium and steel, the WESN Micro Blade gives you the benefits of a full-size knife but it just the size of a key. When open, the entire knife measures just 3.6 inches. However, don’t let the size fool you. The WESN… Continue Reading

Amazon Has a Book on ‘How to Seduce Women Through Photography’

Famous photographer Terry Richardson was just banned by top fashion magazines this week after years of being accused of sexual harassment by models. Now there’s a book being sold on Amazon that photographers are speaking out about. It’s titled: An Introduction to Camera Game: How to Seduce Women Through Photography.

Written by an author named Goldmund, the 90-page book teaches how to use photography skills and projects to meet, date, and seduce women. Here’s the book’s description:

Photography is an art that is as enriching as it is seductive. It can open up new ways of looking at the world, train you to become more social, and create opportunities to meet an endless amount of attractive women. This guide will: Suggest the proper equipment needed to get started. Teach you techniques to become proficient using a camera. Explain different ‘projects’ that will make it easy for you to approach girls on the street and get them excited to be involved in your photos. Include tips on how to easily set up dates and seduce the women you meet. And much more If you are interested at all in photography and meeting women, An Introduction to Camera Game is the best place to get started.

The guide has a focus on developing you into an attractive, skilled photographer who is not only comfortable meeting and modeling beautiful women on the street, but also seducing them into bed, Goldmund writes in the book’s introduction. I will provide a detailed script that you can follow. One that has gotten me laid many times over []

The cover features a photo of a woman’s legs on a bed next to a camera, undergarments, and a notepad that reads: I Want to F*CK YOU.

Some photographers are now speaking out publicly to get the book removed from Amazon.

I was browsing the photo book section on Amazon and it was there, one female photographer tells PetaPixel. I’m shocked and appalled that this book is going around under Art and photography section.

As a photographer and being friends with people who do modeling for a living, I have heard many horror stories where these ‘photographer’ sexually abused models.

From the reviews, it seems that the overwhelming majority of people share the same sentiment. The book currently has 1.5 out of 5 stars after 16 customer reviews, and all but two of them are 1 star reviews. Here are some of the Top customer reviews:

At the time of this post, the book is available for $10 as a Kindle book and $20 as a paperback on Amazon, as well as on through AbeBooks, which Amazon owns.

LS50 Wireless Nocturne Luxury Speakers

Introducing the KEF LS50 Wireless Nocturne Luxury Speakers. This special edition of the incredible sound system was done in collaboration with Marcel Wanders. As a leading product and interior designer, he adds a new spin to premium sound quality. He applies a sensuous aesthetic which produces the perfect medium for your audio as well as your interior. The LS50 Speakers come in all black and have futuristic designs on the front. Truly magical, the exterior is just the beginning. Of… Continue Reading

Amazon Will Soon Deliver Camera Gear Directly Into Your House

Photographers who buy camera gear online these days often have to deal with the inconvenience of being home to sign for a package or the riskiness of having packages left in front of the home. Amazon has an idea for solving these issues: why not have packages delivered directly into your home?

Amazon this week announced a new service called Amazon Key – a perk exclusively for Prime subscribers. It gives Amazon delivery workers the ability to drop off your orders inside your front door when you’re not home.

Here’s how it works: if your location is eligible for the program, first you’ll need to purchase an Amazon Key In-Home Kit, which starts at $250. It consists of an Amazon Cloud Cam indoor security camera and a compatible smart lock for your front door.

You can install the devices yourself or Amazon can do a free installation for you.

While ordering something on Amazon, select the FREE in-home delivery option during checkout.

When it comes time for your package to be delivered, the delivery driver will always knock first before requesting access from Amazon. Amazon then verifies the delivery driver through an authentication process, authorizes the delivery, turns on Cloud Cam, unlocks your door, and sends you confirmation that the package was delivered.

You’ll be able to watch the deliver live through a video feed, or you can view the recorded clip of the delivery afterward.

If your plans change for any reason, you can choose to Block Access to the driver at any time up to the delivery to have them follow the standard delivery procedure for your package.

What’s more, the smart lock can be used for much more than Amazon deliveries, since you can give contractors, family, and friends one-time, recurring, or permanent access through generating special key codes for them. The security camera also serves as a standard connected camera for monitoring your home.

Here’s a short video by Amazon showing how the system works:

Amazon’s in-home deliveries will be launching on November 8th in 37 cities across the United States and some of their surrounding areas.

Package theft is a rapidly growing issue in the US, and Amazon Key is one solution Amazon is launching in an attempt to solve it. If you’re willing to put your trust in Amazon’s delivery driver vetting process and give Amazon access to your home, then this may be a service to look into.

Is Amazon Key a service you would consider using for expensive camera gear deliveries?

It seems, however, that the idea isn’t going over well with many people: on YouTube, the introduction video has nearly twice the number of downvotes as it does upvotes.

1-Ring Moon Levitating Smart Camera

Defy gravity with your home security with the 1-Ring Moon Levitating Smart Camera. The Moon dazzles all viewers as it suspends in mid-air above its base. This compact camera floats elegantly yet securely to capture what matters. The Moon is stabilized in order to capture a full 360 degrees around the room. Connecting to the app, this camera is rife with smart technology. It can instantly detect movement and events and will automatically rotate to begin filming. In addition, you… Continue Reading