Ep. 216: The Scam That Might Separate You from Your Gear and more

Episode 216 of thePetaPixel Photography Podcast.

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Featured:Fine art, travel and landscape photographer, Athena Carey

In This Episode

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Show Opener:

Fine art, travel and landscape photographer Athena Carey opens the show. Thanks Athena!


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An online auction scam that could separate you from your gear if you weren’t vigilant. (#)

Sony and Manfrotto team up for some upcoming gear. (#)

The Blocker app uses augmented reality (AR) to help photographers plan their shots. (#)

KIKI is a twist on a traditional neck strap with Eastern flavor. (#)

GoPro announces the HERO6 Black and Fusion 360 cams. (#)

The FAA bans drone flights around 10 landmarksfinally. (#)


My other podcast with Brian Matiash, the No Name Photo Show.

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