13″ Macbook Air & Pro Retina Sleeve by Mujjo

13%22 Macbook Air & Pro Retina Sleeve by Mujjo 02Let your MacBook Air and Pro Retina 13” experience the beauty of felt and vegetable tanned leather with this 13″ Macbook Air & Pro Retina Sleeve by Mujjo. The design has been made in a way such that it fits your MacBook perfectly and is extremely detailed for that classy finish. There is a leather flap with one snap button on the right which will provide a simple closure system and keep your device secure that way. In fact, the… Continue Reading

Fujifilm Planning to Launch a Medium Format Digital Camera, Report Says



Fujifilm recently revealed that it has been researching and testing medium format sensors, but said at the time that it “is not planning to launch a medium format camera.”


But a new report is now contradicting that public statement: Fujifilm is reportedly planning to shake up the camera world by launching its own interchangeable-lens medium format digital camera.


Fuji Rumors writes that it got this information directly from a “top trusted Japanese source.” The source states that a digital medium format Fujifilm camera has already gotten the green light from company management, so it’s already in development.


“Yep, the medium format Fuji will come,” Fuji Rumors says. “And if priced somewhere between the Pentax 645D [$3,400] and the Pentax 645Z [$7,000] this camera could be a real winner for Fujifilm.”


In his recent interview with the British Journal of Photography, X-series senior product manager Takashi Ueno did say that Fujifilm is in prime position to make the leap to such a camera.


“We have a good history in the medium format market, and I think we would be successful again,” he said. “We have the technology to make a very modern and high quality camera, but right now we are only investigating.”



Néit Luggage – Revolutionary Smart, Collapsible Hard Case Luggage

Neit LuggageNéit is the World’s first Smart, Collapsible fully Hard-Shelled luggage. Made out of Polycarbonate and Aluminium, the case, that’s design is loosely based on the protective shell of an armadillo, collapses down to 30% (3″) of its volume when not in use. The built-in carabiner style handle allows for hung-storage in your closet. Our 4 wheels make it easy to manoeuvre and fold-away into the base to save space while travelling and in storage. The case has (optional) GPS which… Continue Reading

The Smart Remote by sevenhugs

The Smart Remote by sevenhugs 01Control all of your smart devices with the Smart Remote by sevenhugs. Instantly detecting and recognizing your proximity to your smart devices, the remote transforms the screen and UI for each one to give you total control. The Smart Remote works with many devices such as Philips Hue Lights, Nest thermostat, Sonos speakers, and more, with new smart devices constantly added. Simply point it at the device to play music, heat your home, or even unlock your front door. The… Continue Reading