Perpetuum Endless Calendar

Endless CalendarView time in a whole new way with the Perpetuum Endless Calendar by Studio Yonoh. Combining a concept of time and homage to architecture, this unique calendar is minimal yet informative. Additionally, the solid shape is reminiscent of the sawtooth factory roofs of the 1920s and 30s. Pairing this natural material with a 3D-printed fabric base, it also showcases a modern edge. The combination of materials captures the architectural change over time. In addition, as part of a numbered edition,… Continue Reading

Orsden Slope Ski Pants

Ski PantsTaking to the slopes? Make sure you pack the Orsden Slope Ski Pants. This incredible piece of gear combines perfect fit and stunning performance all at an affordable price. Whether you’re on the bunny slopes or hitting the moguls, the Slope Pants will remain comfortable and efficient. Never compromising, the Slope Pants are rugged yet fashionable. They feature four-way stretch shell and lining to move with your body. Additionally, they’re lightweight while offering insulation as they feature an efficient polyfill…. Continue Reading

Graava – Action Camera That Does the Editing for You

Graava is the first video camera that uses artificial intelligence to identify and automatically edit the best moments of your footage. This will later enable you to share them on your social channels and get those desired likes and retweets you care the most about. Graava is smart enough to be your perfect video editing companion and the fact that it’s small in size makes it a highly portable accessory too. Editing video using traditional software is labor-intensive. Producing a… Continue Reading

NASA Releases First Photos from Its New High Res Weather Satellite

NASA has a new high resolution toy in orbit. The GOES-16 weather satellite was launched from Cape Canaveral back in November, and NASA just published the first photos of our Earth taken by this new satellite and its special “Advanced Baseline Imager.”

The Advanced Baseline Imager is what makes the GOES-16 special. It offers “five-times greater coverage, four-times the spatial resolution, and three-times the spectral channels than earlier generations,” giving scientists a whopping 16 channels to work with: two visible, four near-infrared, and 10 infrared channels.

Here’s a comparison between the old GOES-13 and the new GOES-16. These photos were taken by the satellites on the same day (January 15th, 2017) and shows just how much more information the 16’s Advanced Baseline Imager can capture:

But enough about the camera, let’s see some photos. NASA released its first dump of images from the new weather satellite to showcase what it can do. The first is a massive “full-disk” photo mosaic, which the satellite can capture in about 15 minutes. The rest are single shots of different pieces of our Earth.

Earth’s beauty, captured from 22,300 miles straight up:

North America/CONUS
Dust Off the Coast of Africa
The Caribbean
South America/Argentina
Northeast Coast
Yucatan Peninsula

To see all of these images in full resolution and find out more about each shot, head over to the NOAA image gallery by clicking here. And if you do, pay special attention to the full disk image-it’s massive, so you can zoom in to different parts of the image to explore the various parts of our pale blue dot.

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Image credits: Photos courtesy of NASA/NOAA

Walkcar Electronic Vehicle Platform

Why walk when you can use the Walkcar Electronic Vehicle Platform? This innovative device gives you a surface to stand on and glide through the city. Perfect for any commuter, the Walkcar remains ultra compact as it measures just 13 inches – the same as a laptop. In fact, it can even fit in your bag with ease. It’s like having a car in your bag. Featuring strong carbon, the Walkcar weighs only 2.8kg. Additionally, it takes just an hour… Continue Reading